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Curiosity Killed the Cat

Did you know that there is a second part to this legendary idiom? While searching online for some insight on this saying, I was stunned to discover that the ending goes "and satisfaction brought it back." Say what? I thought the dead cat was the end of the story. This goes really well with what I want to share. Many of us are terrified to try something new or stretch our limits. The unknown sends us straight into survival mode, and for a good reason. Caution and preparedness are critical to staying alive (Thank you, Creator, for those instincts). Getting to the next level, however, takes a different set of skills. It is inquisitiveness, wondering, even a bit of nosiness that leads us to pathways that can change the direction of our life - for better or for worse. And we are so good at emphasizing "for worse." It's easy to think of the obstacles and threats on the road ahead, and it pins our feet to the ground. We make up stories and excuses for why we aren't ready or prepared for the road. We miss the glory a few steps ahead - places and spaces that quench thirst and deepens roots. It's that "for better" that resurrects the cat - the thing that revives, restores, replenishes, and rejuvenates. So let's bring back that lost segment of the saying. Death is not the end of walking into the unknown but a beautiful, abundant experience that will bring us back to life.

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